Tungsten Carbide
  • Dies and Punches for Multi Station Cold Formers
  • Dies with Straight Bore, Pointing, Double Pointing, Extrusion, Double Extrusion
  • Dies with profile like Hexalobular, Trilobular, Hexagon, 12 Point, Serration and specials
  • Collapsible Dies
  • Segmental Hex and Hexalobular Forming Dies
  • Trimming Dies in Carbide
  • Cut Off Quills, Knives
  • HSS Wafers
  • Customized Specials

Tungsten Carbide
  • Wire, Bar And Tube Drawing Dies
  • Mandrels And Floating Plugs
  • Rectangular/Square/Hex/ Special Profile Draw Dies
  • Tools & Wear Parts For Welding Rod Industry
  • Deep Drawing Dies
  • Cone Rings And Wear Parts for Wire Drawing Machines
  • Customized Specials

Tungsten Carbide
  • Cold Forging Dies For Auto Components
  • Hot & Warm Forging Dies
  • Hot Extrusion Dies for Non Ferrous Metals
  • Extrusion Die Assemblies
  • Spline Shaft Extrusion Dies
  • Burnishing Rollers
  • Brazed Cut-Off Knives & Cutting Dies for Bi-Metal Contacts
  • Swaging Dies
  • Wear Parts
  • Customized Specials

Tungsten Carbide
  • Dies And Punches For Ball & Roller Heading
  • Warm Forging Dies
  • Dies For Ball Cages
  • Taper Roller Heading Dies
  • Extrusion Dies For Rivets
  • Wear Parts In Coated and Uncoated Version
  • Customized Specials

Tungsten Carbide
  • Extrusion Dies For Zinc Cans And Carbon Electrodes
  • Guides For Carbon Electrodes
  • Draw Dies And Punches For Caps And Cans
  • Wear Parts
  • Customized Specials

Tungsten Carbide
  • Lamination Tools For Different Core Shapes
  • Dies & Punches For Powder Compaction
  • Customized Specials

Tungsten Carbide
  • Dies & Punches For Currency Coin Production
  • Dies & Wear Parts For Razor Blade
  • Dies & Wear Parts for Defence
  • Wear Parts for Process Industries
  • Wear Parts For General Engineering Industry
  • Customized Specials
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