The Troubleshooters

We are solutions providers who are fully prepared to support you in every challenging situation. Be it extremely short lead-time for delivery of a new part or a change request at the last minute, WORLES will not let your machine breakdown.

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Our flexibility makes us absolutely unique!

It is not an obligation, but it is WORLES' culture and habit to keep you informed about the status of your every tool in order to avoid last-minute hiccups. Our multiple plants and efficient workforce enable us to achieve a high level of efficacy.


Hi-Tech Traceability

WORLES employs Hi-Tech Traceability Software

Using the Software, WORLES tracks the "Real Time Status" of each tool in the manufacturing process. Using the most recent CAD/CAM software, we can redesign cold forging processes for maximum tool efficiency.


Optimal Solutions

Optimal Solutions for the most demanding applications

Through our continuous interaction with the world's leading Tungsten Carbide and Steel manufacturers, we provide optimal solutions for the most demanding heading and wear applications.


Customer Service

We won’t let your commitments fail ever!

What make us the best are not just our superior tools, but also our complete focus on customer service.

Someone at WORLES is always working for you,
365 days, 24 X 7!
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